Sociedad Chilena de Medicina Familiar

WONCA Europe invita a socios SOCHIMEF a Webinar: Obesity Management: “Comprehensive care beyond pharmacotherapy”

Estimados Socios/as.
Extendemos la invitación recibida de Wonca Europe para nuestros socios, para participar en el siguiente Webinar titulado: “Obesity Management: comprehensive care beyond pharmacotherapy”.

WONCA Europe together with EASO is co-hosting a webinar on Obesity Management: comprehensive care beyond pharmacotherapy. The webinar programme is led by Shlomo Vinker (President of WONCA Europe) and Paolo Sbraccia (EASO Treasurer).

We have three distinguished speakers who will share their insight into multidisciplinary options for obesity management beyond pharmacotherapy. A time for interactive Q&A is also allocated in the programme.

Please register to join us on 2 March 2023 at 18:00 CET
Registration to this webinar is free of charge.

Click here to register to the webinar.

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